Thursday, September 2, 2010


I think that with September first fall decided to come too..I think it's time to not leave the windows open at night and not take such early morning walks. Growing up in the desert I never knew why there was such hype over fall because, well, fall doesn't exist there among other seasons. But I have have some things I do love about fall..I am slowly embracing it..


Pumpkin spice lattes and fraps

Wearing comfy boots

Fall foilage, but not raking :/

The yearly hot air balloon fest that they have here


  1. Is it a cat? Is it a frog? I'm just not sure?! Did you make that yourself? Pretty impressive.

    I'm revisiting you blog for blog me baby swap - as my last comment got eaten!

    Carrie (kiwifruit83)

  2. Pumpking anything makes fall awesome. Fall is my favorite season though. :) I love the leaves, and the cool air, the general "back to school" feel, even though I'm not in school and of course steelers games. haha

    That's pretty awesome that there is a hot air balloon fest.

    Oh! Where I'm originally from.. in PA.. there is Farmer's Fair, lol. I want to go to it this year because I haven't shown it to my husband yet. I'm a hick. :)