Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall is here

Fall has officially arrived. Today it's pretty cold and drizzly, I love it. But the snow can stay in the mountains for awhile.
This weekend I rearranged (okay the dude that lives here did) the furniture in my craft room. I won't say how many hours it took but I think the new layout will be better and more comfortable for me. I still have to put stuff away so I can get my craft on. So I am spending a good portion of today putting things away while I listen to Pandora, I LOVE Pandora!
Today I included a song I'm liking these days. I am going to try to incorporate music into my blog more because I am a bit of a music junky and it's fun to share what you like and see what others are into, possibly getting introduced to new music to fall in love with.
I will be doing another give away soon so stay tuned!

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  1. Oh I Looove Pandora! I practically live on it, the best is I have an app on my phone so I can listen to it almost anywhere!!

  2. The video says "embedding disabled by request".

    It's not fall here yet, at least not enough for me!

  3. @Jamie I have the app on my itouch as well :D

    @lauren that is so weird, it appears on my end :/