Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

I am forever changing things up in my craft room so I took a few photos of my favorite

You can also see a Valentine garland I whipped up here. Ignore the ugly lamp..my craft room at times gets the other rooms' hand me downs lol

Paid $16 out of pocket for this.

This is my older pug on the morning of her surgery (I am happy to report she is healthy again but had six teeth pulled due to overcrowding)...I was worried about this surgery for some time and her being under so I distracted myself with the above couponing during the surgery.

It just snows, snows, snows around here. In fact it is snowing a TON right this second.


  1. Love looking at photos. I love the picture of your dog. So cute.

    Devgel on swap bot Follow me #22

  2. Aww your doggy is so cute! We have lots of snow here too! Your blog sounds like we have a few things in common! Will be following

    stephhaus on swap-bot follow me #22

  3. Your pug is adorable! I am glad she is doing well :)

    Azhuresjewels on Swap-bot

  4. i love your camera collection!