Saturday, January 3, 2015


Guess who's coming to Christmas
I don't know about you but I was a fan of the boybands in the late 90s & 98 degrees was no exception. Anyway, Drew Lachey was in this movie..his character held a contest for one lucky winner. Somehow he ends up staying with the winner's family who live a slower, more honest life than he is used to. I think this may have been a tv movie & I love tv movies even if they are super cheesy.

I loved this movie from the first preview I saw of it. I absolutely love weather disaster movies so much. I went and saw this one in the movie theater and it was loud and obnoxious as you can imagine. It has stories but the two main ones are about a tornado chaser and his crew & the other story is about a family who gets separated while the storm is going on. This movie is a little bit cheesy but I still love it! It keeps your adrenaline going pretty much throughout the whole movie.


  1. Is Into the Storm like Twister. I loved Twister. I agree about it being so loud in the theaters. It's crazy.

    1. I think it's louder than twister lol

  2. And my punctuation is pretty bad, isn't it?!