Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Happy New year! I have high hopes for 2019 as 2018 was a bit tough, trying, exhausting, frustrating, enlightening...I could go on! The past few years I have picked a word to focus on & this year my word is 'forgiveness'. Do you have a word that you need to focus on or something you need to improve upon?

This year I want to be more in the moment, spend more time creating, more time treating my body better & being kinder to others. What would you like to improve on this year?

*I took this photo a couple of months ago while on the phone talking to my aunt about my grandpa (who passed away 26 years ago) & then these clouds appeared, it's like he was smiling down on me!:) I love this photo so much!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

10 years!!

We recently celebrated rescuing Lucky ten years ago! The first time I saw her I admittedly wasn't at all a dog person but for her it was love at first sight. We drove nine hours each way to pick her up & she's been my best buddy ever since! She is so sweet and obedient & everyone that she comes across just loves her.

This is Daisy enjoying the festivities as well :)

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Great news!

Hey, it's me again! A lot of the reason why I gave up blogging in the past was because I felt like posting photos through Blogger was not user friendly or perhaps I wasn't blogger friendly? Either way it deterred me greatly..however things have changed on Blogger. I just might get into this blogging hobby again as I really did enjoy it. That being said, on to explaining the photos!

Last November my husband & I finally went on one of the cruise ships we had been drooling over the past ten years. And it was one of our favorite vacations! We went to Jamaica, Haiti and my favorite, Cozumel Mexico.
In Haiti we hung out on the beach & in Cozumel we rode a catamaran that took us snorkeling (I can say I've done it & say I hated it lol) & then finally to a beach to play & go canoeing which I LOVED!!! We also went to downtown Cozumel to Starbucks so I could pick up a souvenir mug. It was such an amazing trip that we are planning our next cruise!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Living in the country...

Long time no see! In the past couple of years I've thought about posting but every time I went to post a photo it just didn't work out, tech savvy I am not! Does anyone still read blogs? It seems that social media has taken over blogs & what not which kind of makes me sad. I've been thinking about posting on my blog again but it would only be once or twice a month if that as my life is not very eventful to say the least. Shortly after my last blog post my husband accepted a job in a different career in a different state..about 500 miles away from where we'd been living the past nine years. So we sold our house & off we went! After some problems with buying the original house we wanted we found another house! We now live in a town of less than 5k where any time you go out you bump into someone you know! It's very small & the nearest shopping is a couple hour drive but on the flipside our mortgage is half of what it was before & the crime is super low, naturally.

What have you been up to?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

So far this summer..

+The above photo was taken at the local zoo some time in July. It was in the 40's, foggy and drizzly and I LOVED it.

+Changed up my craft room by getting rid of a table and I love my craft space even more now.

+Still surviving this heat but ready to say good bye.

+Found a plumbing problem in our laundry room in our basement. Our basement is the source of ALL our home problems.

+Gotten a lot of home projects done.

+Saw the movie Max and Jurassic world 3D for free, both great movies!

+Finally went to the dentist! This is big as it will have been three years since I've gone in January. While I was fearing the absolute worst I got a clean bill of dental health which makes me SO very happy.

+In my pursuit of simplifying material possessions I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff.

+Watching Big brother. Anyone else watching it? I'm pretty much rooting for nobody at this point.

+Kept a mint plant alive for five weeks+ now.