Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back in the day

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I thought I'd join this because who doesn't love to reminisce when things were less complicated? I won't tell my age but if you remember these things then you'll know :)

Music was played on tapes, sure I was around when they were on records but I wasn't listening to records though. I remember recording my favorite songs on the radio or even requesting my favorite songs on the radio.

Lisa Frank stationery was all the rage. I remember when I'd go to Target and get a pack of 300 stickers EVERY TIME I went to Target.

The internet for average joes did not exist. I HATED using the computers because they intimated me. But I did love playing Oregon Trail though!

I absolutely loved Saturday morning cartons and Saved by the bell. It seemed back then because I didn't have a concept of time that Saturday morning cartoons were on FOREVER.

I participated in Book it! And got so excited to get those book catalogs in which I do not remember buying any books.

I would look through the Jc Penny catalog for hours on end.

Puffy painting your clothes or if you were like me anything.

I loved pushpops and ringpops.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

A small haul but I got paid $1.50 to take these home. I love when that happens.

Four pizzas for $3 & change. They were on sale this week at Walgreens for $10/2 & I used 2 $2/2 & nine RRs & used postcards as fillers.
I paid $3 and some change for four Diorgno pizzas..had to get the postcards as fillers.

OOP: $3 & some change.
I paid $3 and some change for these bags of veggies.

Our current place settings in our diningroom.

Goodies from Trader joes.
My Trader Joes goodies from this past weekend. I am going to be in trouble when a TJs opens a couple of miles from my house..sadly I can spend the same amount in one trip to Tjs as I can ALL month on groceries!!!

Before & after
This girl I tell you! I gave her a fresh bath but she had to go out but I figured she'd be quick and come back...nope. She had to roll in the mud first.

And dinner. Is it sad I want to pick the salami & cheese out? ☺️ We picked up these small bagged salads for $2 at Sprouts to try. So far so good!
A yummy salad I had last week.

I made up stock pile Easter baskets for my aunt & grandma again this year
Ever since I started couponing better I've been giving my aunt and grandma stockpile gifts for every occasion in addition to gifts haha. I hooked them up with several hundred dollars' worth of goodies for Easter LOL

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Healthy Eating Pinterest Pins

I've been trying to find new ways of cooking vegetables that I either dislike or make the same way day in and day out. So I went to Pinterest of course to get some ideas.

Spinach Chips I buy spinach quite often so I will be making these the next time I buy some spinach.

Zucchini chips

I do not like carrots at all but I will try these.

Stuffed zucchini?!

Celery is another vegetable I am not fond of that my husband is so I will try this braised celery recipe.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun Friday Music

I'm bringing back Fun Friday Music again. Today I am featuring Bryan White. Unless you liked country music in the 90's you probably have no idea who that is. Funny backstory, my best friend HATED country music but my family won tickets to Disneyland to see Leanne Rimes and Bryan white & I invited my best friend. You guessed it, as far as country went she no longer hated it, at least when Bryan White was concerned. I only listen to Bryan White in the car when I want to annoy my country music hating husband.

I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore. You can totally tell this is from the 90's :)

That's Another Song

One Small Miracle

Sittin' On Go

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I condensed my scrapbooking stickers & embellishments into this box (okay so I may have a few packages in my Raskog cart too) which is an accomplishment. If you're a paper crafter you must know how many cute things there are out there for paper crafts & how every line is cuter and cuter. The past two years I started to (still dealing with this) HATE scrapbooking because I had too many supplies & it was just too overwhelming when I'd sit down and scrap. So I did two things, I did a giveaway of a huge box of goodies last summer on Instragram and the other is I stopped buying scrapbooking stickers & embellishments. I still buy too many papercraft supplies (vs. just scrapbooking supplies) but I'd like to think I am am choosier with what I do buy.

I am sure this problem is with just about any hobby, society as a whole are consumers.