Thursday, January 29, 2015

Book Reviews

I'm pretty sure I'm past the age where it's considered okay to wear glitter polish buttttt... I do what I want. I thought this was going to be a silly preteen book but if it was it was still very informative. It has tips for making your own polish, using Elmer's glue for easy removal of glitter polish (which is bane of my existence) and using craft hole punches to decorate your nails.

I am not one to read books about murders and violence because hey, I see enough of it in movies but this book caught my attention anyway. It's about a girl named Mia who goes home with a guy she met at a bar who had plans of kidnapping her. Only he decides he no longer wants to be the middle man so he takes her to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. They live in the cabin for months and she develops Stockholm syndrome. I never read intros in books but I always read epilogues and I'm glad I did because I was not expecting the makes me mad at Mia.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Life Through Photos

75% off Hello kitty clothes? Of course! I ran into some super good deals on dog clothes at Petsmart so now my dogs are set for awhile.

Must resist buying more washi tape.

I even have a Pyrex bowl JUST for shiny and glitter washi =/

Friday, January 23, 2015

The lost husband Katherine Center
I just knew by the second chapter that I would be inexplicably sad that this book would have to end. This is a story about a widowed wife who can no longer live with her verbally abusive mother So she takes her eccentric aunt's offer to move her & her kids to her farm. This book will have you happy, nearly in tears & having you wish you could ditch the city behind you for a simple life on the farm.

Broken Laura Hillenbrand

Wow, what a book, what a story. I read the book that was adapted for young adults..not sure how it's different from the other, maybe less violence? This is the true story about a boy who finds that he has a love for running & it seems to tame his wild ways. But his running doesn't get to run the fullest distance (see what I did there?) because World War II breaks out. He, along with the rest of hi crew are shot out of their plane and that's where his survival begins. I know this is a review but I don't want to give anything away but will end with saying that this book will leave you with a feeling of awe over the human spirit.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Life Through Photos

I've been crafting it up lately making a plethora of Valentine's day cards.

It was pretty warm today, it felt like early Spring.

I've been wanting to try this yogurt as I had heard it was good. I came across it on sale and I have to say I really like it! I am not a big fan of dairy products, especially yogurt but I like this brand.

Twenty boxes of pasta (Veggie, whole grain, etc.) for less than $6 makes me super happy!