Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun Friday Music

I'm bringing back Fun Friday Music again. Today I am featuring Bryan White. Unless you liked country music in the 90's you probably have no idea who that is. Funny backstory, my best friend HATED country music but my family won tickets to Disneyland to see Leanne Rimes and Bryan white & I invited my best friend. You guessed it, as far as country went she no longer hated it, at least when Bryan White was concerned. I only listen to Bryan White in the car when I want to annoy my country music hating husband.

I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore. You can totally tell this is from the 90's :)

That's Another Song

One Small Miracle

Sittin' On Go

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I condensed my scrapbooking stickers & embellishments into this box (okay so I may have a few packages in my Raskog cart too) which is an accomplishment. If you're a paper crafter you must know how many cute things there are out there for paper crafts & how every line is cuter and cuter. The past two years I started to (still dealing with this) HATE scrapbooking because I had too many supplies & it was just too overwhelming when I'd sit down and scrap. So I did two things, I did a giveaway of a huge box of goodies last summer on Instragram and the other is I stopped buying scrapbooking stickers & embellishments. I still buy too many papercraft supplies (vs. just scrapbooking supplies) but I'd like to think I am am choosier with what I do buy.

I am sure this problem is with just about any hobby, society as a whole are consumers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

I've been on a cooking kick lately...this weekend I made omelets that were pretty good.

Tuna with celery. My husband loves celery, I do not. So I looked up some recipes involving celery and this one looked good enough and it was!

My first real taste of macarons. I'm not sure if these were just not that good but I don't see the hype over these little guys.

Such a ham.

I finally got a fruit infuser cup and I've been using it non stop for the past three days. I LOVE it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Daily visted sites

Today I thought I'd share the sites that I visit daily (with the exception of some weekends I don't get on a computer at all)... I usually go online in the morning while I have some coffee and breakfast.

First I hit up swagbucks to get some points to start out the day

This is where I give you my referral link :)
What is Swagbucks? I did a nifty post last fall explaining how awesome it is here.


Then I hit up Yahoo and Aol (Yup, I'm one of the few that still has an aol email address)..

You get swagbucks on random searches so I usually see what deals are on Peachycheap, PickYourPlum, Steals, Zulily, Groupon, PlaidBarn and Livingsocial.
Then I hop on over to Facebook to see if the world has ended while I slept.
Then I check out Swapbot, Ebay (to see if anyone has bid on my stuff, not to shop! lol), Flickr, my bank account, I check the local library site for newly ordered items, and then I check out a few of my favorite blogs if I am still needing those random Swagbucks searches..if not then I just use Blog lovin'.
What are some sites that you check out daily?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

This was a great haul from Kohls! We paid $97.38 for 10 pairs of jeans, two sweatshirts, 3 T-shirts, a hat, two EOS chapstick, a cooking pan, 8 pairs of socks, & a watch. We saved $675!

Since most of what was in the last photo was for my husband this little haul is for me...7 pairs of underwear, 2 body sprays and a hand sanitizer for $9.09

I promise my blog won't turn into a couponing blog but I love sharing such good deals! I got this huge package of apples and celery from Costco for $4. I was sent a $7 check to spend at Costco from Nature made. Remember when I was PAID $180 to take home vitamins? Their vitamin bottles have codes on them & once you redeem X amount of codes they send you a check to spend on more Nature made vitamins or whatever you want at Costco and since couponing for produce is harder I got produce of course!

Who doesn't love bright colored washi tape?!

Proof that someone thinks spring is trying to arrive.

We finally took Daisy to the monthly pug meet up this past Saturday. I had been too nervous to take her around other dogs because of how she acts around my aunts dogs. But she did superb!! And when my husband took her to the creek to wash off her feet she LOVED the water!! It was so funny because normally she won't get anywhere near anything that sounds or looks like water but she just loved it.

I made turkey enchiladas yesterday. I doubled the recipe to have some left overs and it made a TON but I know my husband will eat it up!