Monday, November 9, 2009

New blog, new beginning!

Since I just finished a year long project (Photo a day) yesterday I decided I wanted something new and different, as far as blogging goes. I'm kind of excited! I won't be posting nearly as often as before but I think quality over quanity is better anyway! As always my blog will consist of random photos, crafty stuff I am up to, cooking, and contests,etc. I just hope people read this and my posts aren't falling on 'deaf ears'. I wasn't sure what to have my first post consist of so I thought I would start off with something that a few people seem to enjoy posting..

1. Where is your cell phone? On my night stand charging up of course.

2. Your hair? Up in a pony tail going every which way with a pacman barrette holding my bangs in place.

3. Your favorite food? Honestly I don't have one really..I know boring answer but true. I do like my homemade beef jerky cause it is the yum.

4. Your dream from last night? I was just talking about this with a certain someone. It was an odd dream where I was being told I had done all these crazy things in my sleep, which sadly enough is very possible.

5. Favorite thing to drink? Now that has more than one answer, I love cherry coke, cherry pepsi (although I admit I don't drink A LOT of soda though), Pumpkin spice fraps from Starbucks, Iced tea, Coffee in all forms but really mostly water!!

6. Your dream/goal? Honestly it was to have a big-ish family (ya know the whole soccer mom thing, including adoption) but now I'm really not sure that will happen. I still would like to have an online store selling things I make and of course my photography. If this had been a question 2 months ago it would be to go to Hawaii!!We made that happen! :) That's the short answer.

7. What room are you in? My bedroom, is has the best light at night :(

8. Hobbies? Short answer is photography, scrapbooking and reading.

9. Where were you last night? Hmm I was at home doing this and that.

10. Where did you grow up? La quinta, mostly.

11. Last thing you did? Took an oh so cute picture of Lucky.
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12. Your pets? A siamese named Savannah and a pug named lucky who is so very precious.

13. Vehicle? A ford Fusion but I've always wanted one of these..

14. Last time you laughed? About an hour ago when I was looking all over the house for Lucky only to find her in the living room wrapped in a throw blanket.

15. Wish list? Well I pretty much have everything I want (Husband is home), possibly buying a house here, etc. but that aside..a backyard swimming pool, a cute house, a pink hello kitty bike and that's all I can think about, ha!

Come back soon!


  1. a pink hello kitty bike?! With a squeaky horn and Purple streamers?! :)

  2. No I can pass up the horn (maybe) and streamers!

  3. Boogabooogala!!