Friday, January 15, 2010

Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my Bicycle!!

Something that I loved living in Savannah, Ga was riding our bikes around base and taking pictures of nature and what not. Bike riding is kind of big here and ever since we moved here I've been wanting to get a bike rack for the car and never got around to it but today we found a place that sells them so we plan on going back to get one!! Above are some that I like :D


  1. I hope you won't have to ride up any hills... no gears on those puppies. Although they are SUPER cute!

  2. Those are beautiful bikes! I love the last one, especially.

  3. They are really cute bikes - bike riding has always been one of my favorite activities!

  4. LOVE the Queen reference!!! My fave band EVER!!!

  5. Cute bikes, I like the 3rd one!
    I see a lot of pink. Your favorite color?

    I wish we could get out to ride our bikes mroe often. It is fun and there are a ton of places to ride here in town.