Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scratch that off the list!!

I've always been a list maker. I remember in highschool I would write down what I was going to wear every day of the week. It was very helpful actually :) I still makes lists here and there and I feel like when I do I get more accomplished as I check things off. And lists are great cause a lot of the time I just plain forget about stuff I wanted to get done. I'm interested in possibly writing a menu plan for each week down because I think that would be helpful when grocery shopping. But I think that might be a little too organize for me, ha!


  1. I write a menu and it really helps with eating healthier and sticking to a budget... Good luck!

  2. I have a friend that just did a MONTH LONG menu! Phew! and then went out and did all the shopping for it. She's like a Stepford wife though, LOL.

  3. Wow you are really diligent with list writing. Sometimes in school I'd write lists of people's names, but I think that was more of an obsession than a helpful act...