Saturday, July 31, 2010

If I knew..

that I was going to have kids for sure I would start collections for them of things that I loved as a kid. I would get them fun records to listen to. I would buy them toys that I loved as a kid. I would start a collection of my favorite books.


  1. Wolfeagle says Collect the stuff you love a mini time capsule...even if you do not end up with kids, someone you know will probably have one and that would be such an awesome gift to receive.

  2. I did have kids. I collected stuff assuming they would love it. They were absolutely uninterested in any of it. Collect for yourself.

    mimitabby @ swapbot

  3. I'm a pretty good packrat by myself without worrying about what I am going to collect for any future kids. I agree with the above commenters :)

    strandedhero @ swapbot

  4. I have been collecting for future children...even if that means we must adopt!

    ~ANKH (Pumpkinniki)

    PS: Child related things are getting increasingly weird. I always wonder if the things I've saved would even be interesting to a future child?!