Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(all photos were taken by my self)

I don't know about you, and I guess it depends on where you live but Fall/Winter is hard for me, ya know that whole S.A.D? Fall is a lot worse than winter. I like snow, I think. Although I have to say come February/March I am kind of over the snow and being cold but unfortunately there's snow until May around here. But I am grateful for the days here in the fall/winter when it's 'warm' enough to still go out for a walk.
What are some things you do to combat the winter blues? Any specific crafts? Something else? I know I will forever have a huge stack of books to read, a plethora of craft projects to do and I think I will do my spring cleaning in the winter.


  1. I think I have the same problems with S.A.D. I've been finding myself doing a lot of staring into space recently and not really doing anything at all. I know that doing anything IN the house doesn't help me.. I have to try really hard to leave to help it. I love all the pretty leaf photos.

  2. I love that candle photograph. I have a harder time in summer actually, as far as being depressed. I think just because I get summer's off and I'm not busy enough... so this summer I gave myself a million projects, blogging, working on my etsy shop, journalling, a photography course, craft swaps. It worked pretty well except I ended up stressing myself out with hobby deadlines that I gave myself haha. But that wasn't bad stress. I hope it lifts a bit for you soon!

  3. Thanks Lauren!

    Some deadlines like that help and sometimes they are just annoying, epsecially if it has to do with creativity which doesn't just appear because there is a deadline.