Thursday, October 21, 2010

Have you ever seen a movie that was just too sad to watch? A couple that come to mind are My sister's keeper and a couple of movies about the military and soldiers dealing with PTSD. And Hatchi. One day shortly after Hatchi came out on DVD I tried watching it but before the really sad part (I'm trying to not give the story away for those who haven't watched it) began I had to stop watching it. I knew what the story was about so I knew what was in store. But I did rewatch it (or watch in it's entirety) today while editing photos, so I was distracted which enabled me to watch all of the movie. Oh man that movie is a real tear jerker! And this is coming from someone who has yet to have lost a pet.

On a happier note (like my segue?) don't forget to comment on the entry with the giveaway! :) If you're into scrapbooking these embellishments are fun to use but you can also use them for other crafty projects as well.

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