Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh hai photo dump!

New art journal!!

Christmas ornaments I found in my stocking that I just might leave out, ha!

Neglected incoming mail.

An oversized throw my grandma made me for Christmas, I love it!

My new library book bag :D I hope it's sturdy!

I received five Starbucks mugs for Christmas!

Yikes! Months of neglect!

And after!! It seems strange walking into my craft room because I am not used to the desk being clean lol

One of my winter goals was to make soup from scratch. I'm not a soup lover but this (this being tortilla soup) was pretty good but sadly I can't eat it as it's full of spicy things that my ulcer can not handle, so I shared it instead! Oh well.


  1. I love the Starbucks mug & the moustache pics hehehe.

    Also, I no longer feel bad about my neglected mail pile, as yours is bigger. :P

  2. It's bad even for me..usually I only have about two peices!