Thursday, January 20, 2011

I finally got around to making some Valentines day cards. The insides are blank and I may or may not put something inside of them.

I scored these puppies the other day at a thrift store for under $4 for both! I plan on using the one on the right for craft punches and the other one for storing tape. I plan on painting them white (I think) later when it's warmer but I'm going to get them hung up this weekend. I can't wait to fill them up!

This is my current library book pile :/ I've been keeping my reading to a very minimum for the past five days because I am currently wearing OLD glasses. Walmart messed my glasses up so much that they aren't even wearable. As if I don't appreciate my eyesight enough I appreciate even more so now!

So lately I am watching movies/shows on my netflix queue because watching tv is less straining on my eyes than a lot of stuff I enjoy doing. So far I've watched The last song, Piranha (don't judge), Knight and Day, Macgruber (again don't Judge Mr. Ryan is in that movie!!), Valentines Day and My sisters keeper. Yay for Netflix.

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  1. we just switched places for awhile that is all. I normally watch tv and movies all the time when I am at home in Cali, I live in a big movie house. but visiting my mom I've been reading non-stop!