Sunday, February 6, 2011

This was how my first part of the day was spent. Woke up, watched an episode of Glee, showered, made yummy omelets and paired it with a mocha latte then got the doll (which took far too long to put the wig on) and got the dogs ready to play in the snow. Sundays in the past year or so have become one of my favorite days when Josh is here because for the most part we stay home and hang out or get things done around the house. But this Sunday, obviously he was not here.

Yes I am one of THOSE people who has sa Blythe doll. I got it because I had dreams of taking fun photos with it to sell and also I had dreams of learning how to sew and sell the clothes I made. Both I have failed at. The blythe scene is pretty huge (one of the lead singers from my favorite band is into them!) and I can see how it could be fun but I personally can't get into it. I do think they are cute though! I eventually will sell this one on ebay though. They are worth money! I bought a raggy haired naked vintage Blythe for $5 at a thrift store and then sold it on ebay for over $600. So they are worth money :)

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  1. Your pooches in little sweaters in the snow are SO cute!! Also, I do not understand the whole Blythe thing either LOL