Thursday, February 10, 2011

I've been thrifting for about 10 years now. It started out with my husband and I looking for vintage tshirts when we lived in my hometown which we no longer look for, it's just too much work and we never find them here. Now I like looking for stationery, Starbucks mugs, Pyrex, and some times kitschy knicknacks and cool craft supplies.

I'll be using these notecards to write to Josh or the Soldiers I write to every week.

Pyrex. It's hard to find Pyrex that isn't beat up, stained or faded for a decent price. I just started collecting Pyrex and have four bowls. Right now they are in my diningroom but I'd like to collect some other colors to go in my craft room for my move to a vintage theme.

I collect postcards but I hardly ever find any at thrift stores or they are over priced. I got about 50 postcards in this stack for about $2

I plan on rereading all of the VC Andrews books, but I made note of which ones I didn't actually own which came to six titles. I bought the two newest titles on Amazon and then I found two on my list the other day for super cheap!


  1. Sounds like fun shopping! Love the Superman cards- very appropriate for your soldiers!And I'm a little jealous of your postcard purchase!