Friday, April 8, 2011

Unless you live under a rock (which is somewhere I prefer to be sometimes!) then you've heard about the possible delay in military pay..politics aside I thought I'd feature some items made by military spouses... Even if just one item from any of these shops is bought then that's help!

These lotion bars are pretty awesome. SensibleSundries

Cute right? CupcakesAndCameos



baghdadbum I read the profile on this shop and this etsy owner is actually an Ex Soldier!


  1. OMG the Army Wife pendant just got me so choked up! I'm not an Army Wife but my little step brother just went to Afghanistan 2 weeks ago and now this no pay crap happens, ugh!!

  2. It's such an ugly mess, I hope that it clears up..our militaryy does so much for our country.