Monday, May 9, 2011

This weekend consisted of going to a postcard show for the first time. I've been wanting to go to one and I came across a schedule on 16 sparrows which is a fun snail mail/postal site. It was kind of fun but everything was really expensive though and so I didn't buy any postcards but I did buy all the stamps above to use for crafts! The people working there selling their postcards were super nice! Surprisingly we weren't the youngest people there, the 2nd youngest maybe :D Sadly snail mail and everything related to it is a lost art.

We had yummy food, bubble tea from lollicup, getting some thrifted peices painted for my craft room, yummy coconut fraps, and that's about it! The weekends fly by so quickly around here! :(

The last picture is a BUNCH of tickets I thrifted for .75!! Also for crafts :D

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