Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIP Valentines day cards

This weeks Work in Progress is Valentines day cards. I actually started on them a few days before Christmas. I think when it comes to crafting you have to jump ahead a few months. I am only making a handful so they should only take me a week to do.

I think this next year I am going to make myself OCD about making lists whether its every day stuff I want to get done or craft projects. I just can't keep up with my own brain! And I find that I get more done when I can check completed tasks off.

Happy Wednesday!

*In the fourth photo is a little speaker I got as a gift. Its awesome!!! I think its by Magic bullet. To give it power you plug it in via a usb port and that charges it up. You can use it with your iPod, iPhone, iPad and whatever else that has a headphone jack. I love it for my scrapbooking desk.

**Pandora is ♥


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm still interested in writing to each other. :D
    Have a swell New Year!

  2. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my post since 7 months ago lol. THanks for sticking around <3 Now I have A LOT of reading to catch up on!