Monday, January 16, 2012


Here are some projects I want to do..

I'd like to makes some bookmarks (yes again, one can never have enough bookmarks!) to put in with my Valentines day cards.

As if I don't have enough stationery for ten life times.. I want to make some fun mail art!

I want to get back into artjournaling/scrapbooking hybrid (thats what I call it)..I'm loving it more than I love scrapbooking lately.

In September I bought a plethora of jump rings because I've been wanting to make my own mini books/journals. I think I'll do my first with a theme.

For the past year I've been having fun crafting with buttons so I want to make these.

So many crafty projects, so little time! Sadly ten or so days into scrapbooking I'm already burnt out on it :( That makes me sad because I used to love it so much. It doesn't help that I'm 18 months behind and I have a stack of about 50 photos to well as the 7 I accidentally left at Costco lol

Have a great crafty week!!


  1. i love the bookmarks =) the one i'm using was made by the girls i babysit. they took scrapbook paper and cut them down and the stapled two pieces together and voila =) not as nice as the ones you have posted above but they're only 7 and 10 ha. they're fun.

  2. I really really love that envelope in the 2nd pic! Did you make that?

    -(Heatherwill SB)