Sunday, March 25, 2012

How does your garden grow?

This is an excellent idea!! And affordable. I wonder if we went to one of our many Lowes or Home depot if they'd let us have some pallets. It's worth a shot! I just wonder how they are staying standing up though.

This summer I have grandiose dreams of having a huge garden. I have either grown something or attempted to grow something every summer since 05' The first year it was in Oklahoma and I grew peppers, they did great. The next year it was in Savannah, Ga and not one thing came guess is that it was too hot and we used the wrong soil. The next year I did pretty well and grew lettuce, tomatoes, a fruit whose name I can not remember, zucchini, and strawberries and maybe even more than that. Since then though I have attempted strawberries and failed and I've done tomatoes every year and did great.

This year however I want to learn how to do canning, freezing, get the idea. However I have two problems..massive out of control weeds (no grass) and two dogs that like to munch on anything and everything. So I've been trying to figure out ways to keep them out of my garden..that's too much money, handwork and sweat to just let the dogs eat it all lol


  1. The rain boot garden is too cute! One more thing to keep your eye out for with ARCin' right?

  2. I think that one is cute too! I'd do that one but I don'w really grow black thumb can barely keep up with the veggies and fruit lol

    I know! I keep meaning to make up a list on my phone of the things I am on the lookout for..the mental list is extensive lol

  3. Hi im erickalin from swap bot (Follow me #2), I THINK YOUR BLG IS SO BEAUTIFUL, i like the garden idea, but i live in an appartament, jiji, now i follow your blog, and i like it, hugs from mexico

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  5. Hehe those rubber boots are cute!

    I'm looking forward to gardening, too! I won't be able to start until June, though, sadly. I tried the first time last year and nothing came up but am gonna try again this yr in my little raised bed. Hopefully I get can get strawberries going as well as a bunch of veggies.

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  6. I got some pallets to use as a compost bin. Call a furniture store!!! They get a lot of them and usually just throw them out!

    I do a square foot garden and I thought weeds would be a problem but they haven't been bad... at all! Here's what I did... I saved cardboard for like 4 months LOL and then cut them so they can lay flat on the ground and cover as much square feet as possible. Then I laid my garden box frame over top the cardboard and then filled the garden box with my soil. I thought that after the cardboard decomposed that I would get grass growing back up (because I placed my cardboard/garden right on top of green grass). It's been two years and I have very few weeds in my garden. And the weeds I do get, come up on the very inside of the garden box where the grass grows under the garden box from the outside and grows up.

    Here is a link to a picture that shows the cardboard underneath the garden beds.

  7. That's a good idea. Did they hold up well? I got some from Home depot when we got our shed and those ones didn't hold up well at all.

    I really like that! But is it deep enough for some things? What did you have growing in those? Did you use the pallets to make those boxes?

  8. It is deep enough because the plants can always root into the actual ground if they need to. I've planted corn, squash, zucchini, bush beans, tomatoes, all types of herbs, eggplant, bell peppers, etc. They all grow in the soil. Even the corn grow nicely and that grows to be a pretty big plant!

    I used 2x10's to frame the garden, not the wood pallets. Mine are 5'x5' beds, but if I had it to do over they wouldn't be any bigger than 4'x4'. The 5'x5' is just too wide to comfortably pull weeds or trim plants in the very middle. :/