Friday, March 9, 2012


Last summer I decided I wanted to try juicing but I didn't want to pay a lot especially for something I wasn't even sure I would like. I hate eating veggies and fruit I can not lie but I still wanted all the nutrients. So at the end of last summer I went to a garage sale near my house and ended up scoring this one for $5 and it seemed brand new. I had to buy a 'key' to unlock the blade but that was $7. So this juicer was a steal! I've been making juice drinks since last September. I love them because it's so much easier than eating all the required servings of veggies and fruit.

I haven't tinkered with a lot of different produce but I plan on mixing it up once the prices of produce drop.

For this drink I used 1/4 of a pineapple, 1 large apple (I usually use 2 apples because they are small), two handfuls of spinach (I don't use a lot of spinach because it doesn't put out a lot of juice), and one carrot. It tasted mostly like pineapple which I love.

Oh and because I am awesome I forgot to take an actual photo of my juicer but this is the one I scored.

Do you do juicing? What are some good 'recipes' that you do?

This was my first scheduled post and yet it didn't post on it's own. Anyone know why?


  1. We have a Jack LaLanne juicer, but didn't score on it like you did! I used it more when we were in AZ and was able to get the fresh oranges and grapefruit so readily available. I haven't tried pineapple and I love pineapple juice. I know juicing is so good for you.

    1. I'm going to keep my eye out for a juicer that doesn't kick out so much of the important stuff.

      I wish produce wasn't so expensive :(

  2. I don't mind eating my veggies. I mainly can't stand fruit, that's my real problem. haha.

    I want to do juicing so bad... just waiting on someone to gift me a juicer so I can get started.

    1. I do prefer fruit over veggies haha

      Do you go to garage sales or thrift stores? You might be able to score one at either of those.

  3. Green Smoothies are amazing! I love them so much. Plus, I can only eat sooo much Kale on my own before needing to drink it in a smoothie. So yummy though, they make me feel amazing! Yours look great!

    ♥ Courtney from Swap-Bot