Saturday, April 14, 2012

Being honest..

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We're going to be honest here..I have a hard time with blogging..specifically what to blog about. It seems like a lot of the blogging community has kids & babies..I will never have either. Or they love fashion, me? Not so much. I do not cook a lot and I bake even less. Cute and pretty graphics? It's more probable to have a baby seeing as me and graphic making don't mix well. Working out & eating healthy? That gets boring after awhile. I do crafty things but not as often as one would think. While I used to love photography it's not really something that I, yes but not love. So I guess what I am saying is that there's just no labels to put on my blog and myself which means never knowing what to blog about. So I guess I will just be all these sans the talk about baby wearing and cloth diapering, and that will have to be okay.


  1. Who needs labels? Who needs to be exactly like someone else?? Not you! :D
    You are a talented crafty lady from what I can see...just keep blogging about your passions!
    xo, Jamie

    1. You're right! It just makes it hard to know what to post about. And thanks :)

  2. It does get hard sometimes. I love my boring life, but it's nothing to blog about (pun intended!) For my personal blog it's just whatever comes to mind at a given moment. Most the time, those moments are few and far between. For my B.E. Creative blog, it's easier because it's more about my hobby and thrifting. I guess that's why I challenged myself to do this A-Z Challenge. To see if I could post everyday or nearly on both blogs.
    Just be you. Don't worry about not 'relating' to others or thinking you need to find something in common with them. That's what makes us unique. I have recently met a lady whose blog is about her knitting. I don't knit, nor do I understand anything about knitting, but I love the things she makes. And through commenting back and forth I've began learning who she is outside of her hobby. I guess the biggest thing is not to worry about a niche. Again, just be you. And I enjoy coming over and reading what you have to say!