Sunday, April 15, 2012

I decided to try something new..I wanted some Red, white and blue glitter nail polish but never seem to be able to find it.

So I took some dollar tree clear nail polish and some unwanted glitter (I never use glitter with crafts so why I own glitter is beyond me)..I ended up not using the paper and just poured the glitter into the nail polish bottle. If you decide to try this (please let me know if you do it, I'd love to see the outcome) and forgo the paper be warned you'll probably see glitter for days and maybe even in your food so be sure to pour the glitter over a trashcan.

I like how concentrated the glitter turned out. I plan on leaving this on for awhile..if it's like glitter regular nail polish it will be impossible to get off. Who knows..I might have these patriotic colors on when my husband has his Welcome home ceremony in a few weeks, ha! I wish I had gotten to take better photos because they look better in person but it was overcast all day.


  1. good idea! i woudl probably have glitter everywhere though.. i would probably end up eating it haha