Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Instagram Tuesday

I saw these Smurf glasses at the thrift store for $4 each...I really wanted them but I won't pay that much for a glass so I am hoping they will still be there this weekend for half off..I'm not holding my breath though.

This is my new wedding ring..I haven't gotten a decent picture of it and today it won't happen either seeing as it's overcast out.


  1. Very pretty ring, Kristy! Is that Daisy? That picture is too cute.

  2. First of all GREAT SHOT (smurf glasses) but I would have purchased them all!!! I am a smurfaholic lol! That mug is the cutest :) One of the items on my DayZero and Bucketlist is to start carrying my camera around and taking pictures everywhere I go. I've started carrying my camera but haven't took many pictures haha..(QueenQuisa-Follow me #2)

  3. What a gorgeous ring! It looks lovely on you.

    ♥ Courtney from Swap-Bot