Monday, May 14, 2012

Beauty products

I'm pretty sure I am a creature of habit when it comes to certain things. One of them is the beauty products I use. What do I use almost every time?

Foundation: I change it up but I always use Covergirl brand.
Eye Liner: Wet and wild or sometimes I get NYC
Lipgloss/chapstick: It's random but I love the chapstick that Yankee candle puts out, no seriously! Or of course Bonne Bell.
Mascara: Covergirl..and I change up what I use.
Concealer: Wet and Wild
Eye Shadow:I use all sorts of brands for this and there's not one brand that I absolutely love.
Shampoo: Pantene
Conditioner: I Love Pantene
Deep conditioner: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. I've been using this for about 15 years.
Hair Spray: I just use a cheap brand.
Nail polish: I buy any cheap brand out there but for a top coat I buy Sally Hansen.
Body Wash: Anything from Bath and Body..same thing with lotion and body spray.

What are some products that you absolutely love?


  1. I don't wear a lot of make up anymore other than eyeshadow & mascara, but I love Mac eyeshadows & my favorite mascara is by benefit.

    I love warm vanilla sugar body wash by Bath & Body Works.

    1. I've heard nothing but good stuff about Mac. I get the Vanilla sugar spray sometimes from BBW :D

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