Friday, May 11, 2012

Frugal Friday

I thought it would be fun and useful to start a new feature about saving money because who doesn't love saving money? Feel free to comment with little things you do to save money.

  • You know those plastic grocery bags you get at the store? I use them to pick up dog & cat poo, line small trash cans and I use them for when I pick a small amount of weeds. I also use produce bags for poo as well.

  • When a shampoo or conditioner, etc. get low I put a bit of water in the bottle and shake it up and it adds a few more uses to it.

  • Instead of renting new movies I get them at the library. Most times there is a wait but it's free.

  • The dollar menu at fast food restaurants is your friend.

  • I use coupons. I know this one is an obvious one but don't use the coupon just for the sake of using them unless it's for items you normally buy.

  • When it comes to buying meat I watch sales. There are a couple of main store chains that have either Buy one get one free or Buy one get two free. Just make sure it's still a good buy. I think sometimes stores mark up prices just for these sales.

  • I never throw food out. If I make something that has a lot of left overs and I get tired of eating it I try to change it up. Something I love making is a turkey for the left overs. Turkey enchiladas. Turkey sandwiches. You get the point.

  • I always use cold water when washing my clothes. Granted my clothes don't get that dirty so I don't really ever need stains to get out.

  • I don't dry all my clothes in the dryer because it's harder on clothes, it uses up electricity and sometimes clothes shrink. I use a clothing rack. But an out door line is even better.

    If you clean out the lint rack in the dryer every time it doesn't make your dryer work as hard.

    I hope you can use some of these tips :D


    1. We do so many of the same things! My favorites are the library and drying clothes outside. We love the library and hanging the clothes outside really is better all the way around. Great ideas!

      1. The library is my favorite thing about this city :)