Friday, May 25, 2012

Frugal Friday

Here are some more tips for you to save money...

  • This might be a personal preference but I bought my iPhone as a refurbish and it honestly was just as good as new!!

  • Borrow magazines from the library for free.

  • Ask for discounts at stores that you think you might qualify for. It never hurts..I almost always ask if a store has a military discount.

  • Get a store rewards card. You'd be surprised on how much you can save..especially when something is on sale.

  • Sometimes if you pay for your car/home insurance twice a year you can get a discount on it.

  • When it comes to heating and cooling off your house close vents in rooms you don't use. I have two vents in my basement and I leave them closed all the time.

  • This is kind of a no brainer but if you eat healthy and workout and just be overall healthy then you don't have to go to the doctor was much. The same goes for keeping up with good dental hygiene.

  • Use old tshirts to use for cloths to clean counter tops.

  • Take your lunch to work. I make lunches for my husband to take to work.

  • Write a grocery list prior to going to the grocery store. Otherwise you end up buying things not on your list and thus spending more.

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