Monday, May 21, 2012

This weekend was wickedly busy & tiring & I suspect next weekend will be the same and the one after that as well, only that one will be AWESOME. A little back story to all the husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this year..apart. We wanted to take a trip to celebrate it once he was home if it was in the cards. So I did hours and hours of research and figuring out what we wanted to do if we could do it. On Friday afternoon I was literally on the internet from 4pm until 3am. Yeah. We were researching and researching and comparing trips & comparing prices & dates & what not. It took quite awhile to find decently priced airline tickets so last minute..for summer time I feel like we found a good deal. What did we decide on?

This. Right. here. This is my third most wanted vacation with Hawaii being #1 (did that in 09') and Japan being #2. My husbands picks are similar except his #1 is Iceland, have fun going alone on that one buddy. We are both so very excited. I'd say this week would take a long time (we are going next week) but with all the stuff I need to get done I don't think that will be the case.

So back to the beginning of this started out Friday morning going to garage sales. I found this AWESOME Pyrex piece for $4 which is a great price. After the garage sales there was some eating and my exhausting trip research.

On Saturday we woke early do our regular thrift store visiting where I bought nothing. Starbucks was had. The library visited. Then we were off to find a few pieces of clothing for our trip only to find out yesterday morning that I bought all the wrong types of clothing because this trip demands you bring winter clothing. So yesterday I was on the hunt for some long sleeved shirts and a new pair of jeans. Found the jeans but not the long sleeved shirts. So clothing shopping was had and somehow on accident a new camera has come into my presence.

I've been wanting a new camera..a less complicated (I have a Canon Rebel & find the ins and outs of photography complicated & boring) camera. I rely on my iphone far too much and let's face it..the iphone is great but it doesn't take the place of a real camera (imo) so I got a new camera & I haven't gotten to mess with it too much but it's ridiculously awesome. It's got 42 zoom which baffles me & lots of fun features and the video feature on it is probably just as good as a regular video camera.

So that was my weekend..exhausted just reading it?

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