Friday, June 1, 2012

Here are some more tips for saving money...

  • Make a double batch of something. Use for left overs or freeze. I like to make a double batch of enchiladas.

  • Price compare sales at all the local grocery stores near you.

  • Keep your car tuned up.

  • If you can invest in a freezer. I have one and I love it because I can stock up on meat/etc. when it goes on sale. A freezer works less the more full it is so you can fill up milk jugs with water which is good for if your water is ever temporarily turned off.

  • Go through your cell phone bill and see what features you don't need or can downgrade on.

  • I personally haven't done this but you can make your own cleaning supplies for so much cheaper and they seem to be healthier.

  • Eat less meat :)

  • Call your car/home insurance company and see if you can get a discount..there's several out there.

  • Hopefully these are helpful!

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