Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Instagram Tuesday

I actually have a lot of photos to share this week!

I came across a new antique mall last week. There was one booth in particular whose stuff I adored. It was a jewelry maker that has down syndrome & the proceeds from her booth went to pay her way through college. Awesome. I could have easily bought all her charms.

I added a new piece of furniture (only because it's super heavy & I couldn't take it anywhere else hahah) but it looks nice in there though.

Red velvet cupcake. Nom.

With A LOT of help I made triple berry jam & syrup. It's yummy, trust me.

Fried pickles. Yum.

I made a super quick trip to my favorite thrift store this weekend & happened upon these cuties..not only were they my size (not a popular size) but they were brand new!! The only thing better than that would have been if they were 1/2 off but they wouldn't have been there a week from then so I scooped them up for $15

New washi tape.

These high temps are not okay with me.

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