Monday, July 23, 2012

I made the recipe from this blog post. I figured since I had all the ingredients and I wanted to try cobbler (never had it!) that I'd make it.

Ingredients: One package of cake mix (think vanilla, white etc)
One 16 oz can of 7up or sprite and whatever berries you want (enough to cover the whole 9 by 13" pan)

Layer the whole pan with berries. I used strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Sprinkle with cake mix.

Pour soda all over the cake mix. The original recipe says now to mix all the ingredients because you'll mess it up.

And voila! Having never had cobbler before I wasn't sure what to expect. Was it good? It was alright, but I dont know that I am in love with berry cobbler. Would I make it again? Maybe but I think I'd add another cake box to it and I'd keep with just making it strawberry.


  1. Maybe try a different recipe for cobbler and see if you like a different recipe better.... This is kinda of the cobbler that I've had here in TN.

    1. Once I added vanilla ice cream to it, it was SOOO much better lol but I think mixing it up wouldn't hurt.

  2. That's an easy way to do cobbler, although it's not quite like any I've seen. I know cobbler's a biscuit like topping, but I thought it was either little bits, or sprinkled on.

    It looks like it could be worse, I had a cobbler a couple weeks ago that was 80% topping, and they used biscuits. So, it wasn't very sweet, and the biscuit were hard. This looks like it would be better than that.

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    1. It was actually very good when paired with vanilla ice cream.