Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Not a lot of Instagram photos this week. Last week was crazy.. On Tuesday the fire went from burning forest to in a matter of maybe an hour or so to going into the edge of the city and burning homes. In a matter of a few hours 346 homes were lost and two people have died from this fire. On Tuesday night I thought for sure we were going to evacuate..it was that close. My husband didn't work the next day because of the fires..he has never gotten a snow day so that's how serious this fire was..even to the army. The next couple of days the smoke was so intense that we even went to the store to look for some surgical masks but they were out of stock. The fire is at 70% contained at this point so that's awesome. Between how awesome of a job the firemen are doing and how the community has banded together it renews a bit of faith in society for me.

Thrifted Love is glasses that my husband found.

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