Thursday, July 26, 2012

Window shopping!!

Rilakkuma phone cover.

How cute is this shower curtain!?

I love making my cellphone cute.

Another cell phone cover

This is super cute!

I pretty much love anything pug themed

Pug magnets


  1. The HK cover with the mustache is SO CUTE! Ever since I got my iPhone4s, I think I've gone through a couple already. Where did you find that HK cover?

  2. I need to get some of the pug magnets for my girlfriend. I keep trying to find her pug things.

    The pink hello kitty cover is cute. I wish companies would make phone covers for more than the iPhone.

  3. Wow that items are super cute :D Why not link to where you found them? Btw I can't follow your blog because it says: "Es tut uns leid...
    Dieses Gadget ist falsch konfiguriert. Hinweis für Webmaster: Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Informationen unter "Friend Connect-Einstellungen - Startseiten-URL" mit der URL dieser Website übereinstimmt."

    So, I'll wait till you fix it but leave you with many greetings from Swapbot :D Have an awesome day

    1. Maybe it was just a glitch? All the items are from Modcloth or Fredflare.

    2. Hm I refreshed it often and even now there just stands the same ^^ I mean it should be there where you wrote Followers right? But I just find the text I posted above Oo

    3. Hm I refreshed it often and even now there stands the same text I wrote above. It should be there where you wrote "followers" right? Oo Strange ^^