Saturday, October 13, 2012

New music video favorites..

I don't know how but I just came across this video of Merriment..

Walk off the earth. This band is so funky..I love it!

And for some country..The Wreckers..

The Civil Wars featuring Taylor Swift. I love the melody of this song so much.

As I've said before I am one that sticks to a music rut and have a hard time finding new artists that I like. When I listen to Pandora I even skip through all the new songs unless I like it right away. Suggest until your hearts' content!!


  1. I have about 6000 songs on my ipod, so I think I probably have something you would like. Have you tried Of Monsters and Men? They have some really pretty songs. I recently downloaded Ellie Goulding, after hearing her song on a commercial, and I like her cd. Also, Stars is one of my favorite bands. There's a few suggestions! Let me know if you try any of them out. Sorry for the extra long comment!

    1. I looked up Of monsters and men and kind of like them. Wow 6000 songs! My main ipod (I have no songs on my itouch or iphone LOL) has maybe 1200 songs LOL

    2. Yeah, I may have a bit of a problem. Haha!

  2. I love Walk Off the Earth! You could try Jem. I've been liking her a lot lately. And have you heard of Ludo? Lake Pontchartrain is hilarious, and I just love Anything For You. Love Me Dead is the most well-known.

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  3. Thanks for sharing these nice music video~ LOve the songs~!

    -- cfchai (Swap: Follow me #7)