Thursday, November 1, 2012

I wish I had in my city..

I grew up in southern California..but I've lived in Oklahoma and Georgia too. There are quite a few places to eat in California that I miss and some cool stores on the east coast that I wish we had here in Colorado. Oklahoma though? Can't think of anything that I miss there.

First up is Sanrio and the most important right?

Sweet tomatoes. LOVE their salads. Luckily they have a couple an hour north of us so I get to eat here every once in awhile. I recently ate breakfast here and I have to say they had a lot of yummy food.

Our state will be getting a couple of these next year and there's a rumor our city will get one too.

In n' knew this would be on the list right?

I've never actually been lucky enough to go to this store but it's like a Asian dollar store with lots of fun kawaii stuff.

We had one of these in Savannah when we lived there, loved that craft store.

This was a yummy Mexican restaurant we ate at in Georgia. I haven't had any good Mexican food since moving away from the east coast.

And last but not lease is Pat and Oscars. Yummy pizza and yummy breadsticks.

What do you wish you had in the city you live in?

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  1. When I was in Denver, they had Tokyo Joe's. So good. But, only a Colorado thing.

    1. I live in Colorado..I think I've seen that place.

  2. In&Out for sure, Tea Station, 85 degrees bakery, Caseys Cupcakes or Sprinkles, my fave asian restaurants... this list could go on forever!

  3. It's SaskiaHamilton from swap-bot, I like your blog! :) I'll be back to read again for sure :)

  4. Okay, the doorway of the Sanrio Store is adorable. We have a Sanrio here, but it's very small.

    We have a Sweet Tomatoes here, it's about a mile from where I work, but I've never been. I tend to try and avoid buffets, largly because of my time on the road, but I want to try this one.

    I miss In N Out. I've only been to the ones in California. Whenever we're near an In N Out, I find a way to go, so I may gorge myself on animal style fries.

    Stephanie - Promoting your Blog

  5. I wish that we had an IHop and any kind of kawaii store around here. We only have a few Hello Kitty things at Michael's. Oh and a Target too.