Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Instagram Tuesday

1.Art journaling 2.I threw some random stuff in the crockpot & my gosh was this dish good. 3. Nail art 4. Free nail polish courtesy of Kohls cash


  1. Free nail polish is always good. I've learned that even if it's a colour I don't wear often, nail polish in any colour is a good thing.

    Stephanie - follow me #8

  2. Nail tutorial please!
    washi ~ swapbot

  3. Wow that pasta looks awesome!!! I live in college dorms so I don't get homemade food all that often!!
    Free nail polish is awesome! Is Essie a good brand? I've seen a lot of people use it, but I've never tried it myself!

    Brittany (IzzyStardust)
    Swap-Bot Follow Me #8