Saturday, November 10, 2012

The story of my pets..

I've never shared the stories of how I got my pets. If you're not a pet person feel free to skip this blog post :)

I have a 7 year old Siamese, a 6ish year old pug and a 3ish year old pug. Before I got my cat I was not at all a cat person. In 04' when my husband deployed for the second time I rescued a cat that I named Savannah. I wanted someone who would keep me company and that she did. THe first night she pooped on my bed. She's been through four deployments now.

Similar story but before I adopted my first pug I was not AT ALL a dog person. They scared me..not so much the little ones though. My husband & I were in Oklahoma visiting family when I met Smokey (Lucky) & a few months later & I was adopting her from my younger brother. Lucky sleeps in my bed & every morning I greeted by her pug 'kisses' (sneezes) but I wouldn't have it any other way. She is a real sweet heart and for the most part very well behaved.

In 10' we decided we wanted another pug. So every week we'd scope out the local Humane society for a pug. After a few months we finally came across Jenny (Daisy) but within the first week she had pneumonia & we ended up taking her to the emergency vet on the weekend & were told had we not brought her in she wouldn't have made it. Before we got her I said I didn't want a puppy but despite her papers saying she wasn't a puppy there was no doubt she was. I think she will be a puppy eternally.

Last but not least I rescued Susan (Susie)..I fell in love with her when I saw her. She is such a ham and such a lovable dog. Susy and Daisy for a few weeks were inseperable but something happened and unfortunately because Susy and Daisy are both alpha dogs they would have horrible fights. I ended up having to give her to my aunt but I see her about once a week.

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