Thursday, December 13, 2012

I've been a crafty mood lately..

Not even sure what has brought it on but I love it!! Here are a few pins I want to can find the source underneath the photos..

* I JUST finished my Christmas cards but I am already thinking of what I want to do for my Valentine's day cards which I have so much fun doing!

* These cards are so simple but I love them!

* I'm thinking of doing a Smashbook solely of lists and one of my favorite quotes, what do you think?

* I love this & would do it but I don't believe I have the wall space for it, ha!

* I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these tags!!

Are you working on anything? Feel free to share!


  1. That 2nd pic...what a great idea to use up all those extra scraps only I'd tear each piece.
    I just finished 2 special order magnetic clipboards for Reva and have one more to make for her. It's so relaxing for me to get in there and work to my heart's content!

  2. I love my Christmas card!

  3. Hey, the cards in the first two pictures are really great. I like them!
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    Susi Letter

  4. Hi! Denise from swap=bot here. I just finished up making all my Christmas cards and a few holiday gifts. Now I am cleaning out the studio to get ready for the new year. Happy Holidays to you, Glad to be following your blog.

  5. Hello! Roaddummy from swapbot. Love these pins you posted here. Wrote your blog down so I can look at it when I have more time. Will definitely be following. I especially love the patchwork cards and the lists for the journal. I think I am going to try thoses!!!!

  6. Hi, rosedzi from swap bot here!I love the smash book idea of just lists. i think that's awesome and I might try that too. I love the tags too! Very cool!

  7. Nice craft! I am so ashame I didn't been touching on my craft lately. Maybe I should skip Christmas present and work on Valentines' Day card instead :P

    - cfchai (Swap: Follow me #9)

  8. You made me think about Valentines too. I love the inspiration card you showed. I'll get to work on my Valentines stuff right after my vacation.