Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Instagram Tuesday

Lots of Instagram photos today!

Small craft supply haul. I have plans of getting crafty soon!

This popcorn is so good. Strawberries and cream.

Last week my husband & I decided to try a new place we were wondering about...Freddies frozen custard & steakburgers.

I got my first Graze box! It was fun trying new things out.

I just finished this book Learning to Stay. I plan on doing a review on it soon..good book!

This clothing haul was too good not to share..Husband needed some casual clothes so we went to Kohls..15 shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 1 sweatshirt, a box of 48kcups, a set of Fiestaware (found in clearance 90% off cause it was missing a bowl), & 14 pairs of underwear. Paid $158 saved $654. We buy a lot of clothing at thrift stores but some of the shirts we got were $2.40 which you can't even get that cheap at a thrift store!

Total paid .80 cents. I needed some chocolate for some Easter baskets I am putting together. And the nail polish? May be in a future giveaway on my blog.

So there you have it. Are you guys interested in seeing more photos of what I save on and how I save it? I love showing people how to save money.


  1. WHOA $0.80?! YES I definitely want to see more photos and especially HOW. Show me the waaaay!! Especially your free starbucks. I'm quite jelly jelly over here... I feel like I've missed an important service announcement.

    How did you like your first Graze box?

    1. Yup!
      It was fun to try all the random goodies! Some of the stuff wasnt that great though which I gave to Josh lol