Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lovely kitchens to drool over..

I love how open this room looks. I like the look of bamboo wood flooring (what I have in my house) but with light colored pets that shed a lot it's pretty much a nightmare.

I like the white paired up with this shade of blue. Refreshing.

Oh to have a cozy nook to drink my coffee and tea at.

So cozy.


I love the little pull out island.

If I had enough counter space I'd seek out those large jars. I love the idea of the glass shelving (I have one) but unless you don't need to store food in it (ha!) then it doesn't look as pretty as this.

This is more in my budget. I love the fiestaware and pyrex.

What would your dream kitchen have in it? Mine would be light and have lots of sunshine coming in, lots of counter space with lots of room to store food & and a huge island.


  1. I like them all. Ok, maybe the blue is a little to blue for me butits still nice.
    I want a nice big roomy kitchen, lots of light, and a personal cook! ;-)
    Wonder if I could find a way to make that happen.

  2. love these! i like an open plan definitely have an island and a nook. and lots of windows!!

    1. I would love a nook and a bigger island.