Thursday, March 28, 2013

Movie reviews..

Since I haven't done any movie reviews in awhile I thought it was high time I did...First up is Pitch Perfect because I've seen it ten times. Yeah.

I think I have said this already but I absolutely love accapella music..especially when it's modern songs changed up. This movie may not win any awards but I know a lot of people enjoyed it because it's funny and it wasn't a typical movie in that it had to have a ton of smut or violence which is A+ in my book. I guess I forgot to say what it was about..and I won't, just go watch it!!

Next up is Flight which I watched twice when I rented it..

The first part of this movie is INTENSE, MY GOSH. That being said there is more than enough smut and bad language in this movie to last a life time. But Denzel does a great job in this movie..Anyway it's about a highly functional alocholic & drug addicted pilot. Bad mix right. This movie does open your eyes to the fact of how much trust we put in pilots' hands.

The last movie is called The son of no one

It's a story about a kid with a messy childhood that haunts him later on as an adult as well as his friend. It star Katie Holmes and Channing tatum. This usually isn't my type of movie due to the violence.


  1. I like movie reviews. :)

    I wanted to watch Pitch Perfect until I read somewhere that there's a lot of vomit scenes in the film?

    I'll definitely be checking out Flight. :)

    1. There is butttt it's a pretty funny movie though lol