Monday, April 22, 2013

Campbells new Go soup

I recently tried Campbells new Go soup. It's kind of cool because it's in a pouch & you can just heat it up like that for you know, on the go. I was sent Coconut curry from Smiley360 & I kind of hated it...I might not be a fan of curry though. I tried Creamy red pepper with gouda. I am a fan. I added some shredded cheese & some crackers. I plan on trying all the other flavors pictured above as well.

So check this link out.

I was not paid by Campbells or Smiley360 to do a review but I was generously sent a pouch of soup & awesome coupons.


  1. I love the red pepper one! The chicken & quinoa one is pretty good too. I did try the coconut one, but it was okay..

    1. I'll have to try the chicken & quinoa one.