Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Instagram Tuesday

My aunt made me a birthday cake :D

I bought myself some Eisley goodies and their new album that came out today as a birthday gift to myself.

My husband does coupon hauls and I think this is the best one. The store paid him $3 to take this stuff out of the store. Yes, we like Yakisoba and ramen (well I only like lime)..we all have bad vices.

We had a bbq for my birthday instead of going out to eat. These hot dogs took nearly three hours to cook but they were DELICIOUS.

Feeding the peanut butter is hilarious.

Last Saturday was one of those Murpy's law types of day. ALL DAY. But scoring these shelves while thrifting for more than half of what we'd pay at Home depot (and the money goes to charity!) turned the day around.


  1. That is one amazing-looking cake. Did she make the cake from scratch as well? I'm jealous of anyone who knows how to bake at a high altitude!

    Go Josh for his haul! :D

    How did you cook the hot dogs that they took three hours? Whatever it was it looks yummy!

    1. It was all from scratch. The homemade whip cream is so good. Ha! I do pretty good with the high altitude baking..I think lol

      It was windy and the fire just wasn't getting started. It think the charcoals we got were cheap too.

  2. I've made whip cream from scratch and I agree it's yummy! Do you know how to alter recipes? I once had chocolate chips but not Tollhouse and I wanted to make the recipe so I looked it up online. It was only after I saw how flat and crispy they were that I realized I hadn't looked up a specifically high altitude recipe. I find stuff dries out so quickly. :(

    Ahhh, bummer! But you got yummy hot dogs so yay. :)

    1. No I don't..I've never need to but I know the library has books that help with altitude baking.