Friday, May 17, 2013

My yesterday....

Yesterday was a bit jam packed..first a visit to the vet. But the pugs did awesome this time around. Then off to the zoo where it was PACKED. And I do mean packed. A bit of getting lost. Three hours spent at school getting stuff done, running errands and finally to the library to pick up the usual ginormous amount of books I always have on hold.

And the best part was my Fisheye lens dropping out of my hands and breaking. I hardly EVER break things. I'm that person who has only broken ONE dish in her whole life. I don't know if I will replace it either =/

Claudia is the winner for the Essie nail polish, congrats!


  1. What classes will you be taking? Exciting! :D Not about dealing with school stuff, but the actual taking classes. :D

    Oh no! I'm sorry about your lens. :(

  2. Your Pugs are so cute! The pictures of the butterfly are amazing! Stopping by from the Follow ME #10 swap on Swap-bot. Beautiful blog! I am your newest follower :)

  3. I love the photos of your Pugs, my girlfriend still wants a Pug, but we're not in the position to have a dog just yet. So I love to send her a Pug fix, now and again :)

    Stephanie - Blog Comment Hop #1

  4. awwwwwwh cute pugs ^_^

    your blog is very inspirational and indeedie i am now a follower.your photographs are beautiful!

    x x x loulou x x x

    follow me #10 swap

  5. Yes, your dogs are marvelous!
    In spite of the fact I`m totally in love with cats, pugs are the only dogs ever would love to have!
    And they have cool clothes ;)

    taisafinskaia - "Blog Comment Hop #1"