Saturday, May 25, 2013

Random cool places...

Can you imagine a view like this?

How cute are these apartments in Tokyo?

Hokkaido, Japan.

This is actually here in Colorado. I've been meaning to go here for a few years.

Multnomah Falls, Portland, Oregon


  1. Loved loved loved the pic of the apartments in Tokyo :)
    Where is the Colorado image taken...I'd love to make a stop and see them, it looks so refreshing. Thanks for sharing...your blog is very diverse.
    Carol aka myartistry (visiting from Swap-bot Follow me #10)

  2. Love the pics, especially the apartments in tokyo and the falls near portland, a friend and I are discussing moving to that region soon and that looks like a great place to spend some time. -Deidreart from swap-bot Gain Exposure to your Blog 2