Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Instagram Tuesday

I came across these perfect organizers at Ikea to fit in my cart. Somehow it allowed for me to put in more stuff than it originally had.

I think perhaps Daisy might be a bike ride lover, she was falling asleep in that basket.

I have loved vintage Fisher price toys since, well I on the floor playing with it. I loosely collect it to put on my shelves in my craft room. I scored this set for $4 at a garage sale and I think all it's missing is a fence and some grass. Not too bad!

My garden is doing well! I planted more this year & I'm excited to see how it all turns out. I'll post more pictures once it get's going along better.

I've been wanting a nicer blender for awhile but I wanted to wait until I could get the best deal possible. I believe I accomplished that. It was originally $229 but I got it was on sale,I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's, Kohl's cash & a bit in birthday giftcards. Out of pocket I ended up paying $21. One of my best scores yet.


  1. I love the old fisher price toys. I wish I could fine them more for my kiddos. They have loved the few that I have. I think I remember having that little farm toy. So cute!

    1. They are harder to find than I thought or too expensive.