Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Instagram Tuesday

Not a lot of photos again this week as I took a much needed social media break.

The high temperatures are back & with that came the fires. This fire I believe is the worst in Colorado's history..two human lives lost (probably many animals) & nearly 500 homes lost. It's just so sad.

I paid $6.40 for all this..the Nikes were free as were the flipflops..so the $6.40 for for the Essie nail polish ;) Pretty awesome right?

I'm so excited to dive in and do some more canning this summer.

Last week I got my Love food box. I love it! For every box that is bought they give to a hungry child. Awesome.


  1. Love the baby blue Nikes-- can't believe you got them for free! Going to check out and follow your FB page now:)

    Magena- Follow Me 12

  2. i LOVE your nike shoes!! i've been wanting to get a sports shoe but my allowance doesn't allow ;_;

    your love food box is making me hungry now... :X

  3. Great buys! Will follow you on instagram.

  4. HI, again. The fires are very scarey for sure. I hope you are safe.