Monday, June 24, 2013

Random tid bits about me..

In no certain order..

I am not a fan of processed cookies but I LOVE Oreos and so my favorite ice cream has always been cookies and cream, I was never a morning person but I have somehow made myself one, I had never flown until I was 28, I've never seen Star wars, I used to like Peanut butter & pickle sandwiches and I hate watching commercials on tv.

What are some random tid bits about you?


  1. This is behind, sorry! I decided to just follow blogs individually since bloglovin' was being mean to me. :P

    Anyway, :O at pb and pickle sandwiches!

    I don't think I could be a morning person. Where did you fly when you were 28? How was it?

    1. Oh no! Well there's other sites similar to Blog lovin' out there. My first flight was to Florida for a cruise :)

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