Saturday, June 1, 2013

Read a book!!

I've always loved to read. I even did those programs in school where you read so many books and earn a small Pizza hut personal pan pizza, anyone remember that? Or what about those catalogs where you could buy books? I always pined over so many books to buy in it. Not much as changed. I still read voraciously, sometimes finishing a book every day. Sometimes I think I spend too much time with my nose in a book but there could be a lot worse vices, no?


  1. I don't think I ever had that pizza deal, but I do remember book catalogs. Those were the best! And book fairs?! Awesome!

  2. I remember those book catalogs ... were not my favourite, since I like to shop books, hehehe:-) I have so many new books which I still have to read. You inspired me, so this 'Summer' (will we have a real Summer this year) I will put my nose in a book. Love the last image, so funny! Lucine for the 'Follow me # 11 swap @

  3. I agree books are awesome! I always liked scary books like Stephen King. This does NOT fit my personality, people are always surprised. ;) Reading can only do you good!

    Great blog! I love the colors and I also enjoyed looking at your flower photography, beautiful!

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  4. i do remember the personal pan pizza-i was a teacher by then so i venture to guess that you are a bit young than me. just finished jodi picoults new book and if you have not read it i higher recommend it. you know she always has a twist! visiting from

  5. Well this is a neato blog post :)
    Books are really great friends to be with. Whenever I am bored, I grab a fiction book from the shelf, and try to read and be lost in it.

    I like Murukami's quote about reading, and the line you mentioned about worst vices. That just made me rethink that the books I buy are really investments.

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  6. I don't know if my first comment went in. I didn't see it here.

    Well if it doesn't, I'll just post another comment here.

    I especially liked Murukami's quote and the line you mentioned about worst vices. Just made me think again that books are worth investing :)

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  7. I remember the reading program where you earned a small pizza, in face I just got an email from a friend about it. It's called the Book It program, so I just signed my kids up for it too. :-) That and the library summer reading program!

    My husband laughs at me on the days when he gets home to find I'm stuck in a book again and nothing is done. I have to balance my reading time with everything else but I too could easily spend each day on the couch reading. Hubby told me he's glad we have such a great library system, because we couldn't afford my "book habit"! Lol

    I don't know if you have a kindle or not but if you do, look up Book Bub. I get an email from them each day with a list of free or very cheep (think $.99) to download. It through Amazon.

  8. There you go, Book it! I wonder if they still do it. I absolutely love the library system here, it's the best. I don't have a kindle..just an ipad, will it work on there? Are you on goodreads?

  9. I got a postcard withe the first quote, but it was in German.

    P.S. so funny when you get as a swap-partner to follow the person whom you already follow :)

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  10. I'm a big book lover too! I have gone the way of the tech savvy though and mostly switched over to the kindle. I do still love going to the library though- there is something more real when you can hold a book in your hands and feel the pages and smell the paper. I do love a good book. I am working on the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon right now. I have a bit of trouble trying to put them down. I also recently found out that they are going to make a tv series from the first book due to come on next spring.
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  11. I read quite a bit, if I had to average it, probably a book a week, maybe more. Sometimes it's the same book over, but I try to always have something on hand to read that's not just the news.

    I remember those Pizza Hut coupons for reading, I always got them, but we never ate Pizza Hut, so I never redeemed them.

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  12. Great quotes. We remodeled our house last year and lost two bookshelves worth of space. AAAAAAAAH! But we found good homes for all those books. Now someone else will enjoy them.

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